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Did you know...
If we positively impact 2 people today, and if the 3 of us positively impact 2 people each the next day, and if the 6 of us positively impact 2 people each the next day, and this trend continues for just 30 days... there will be nearly 4.3 billion positive impacts.
Go make a difference for 2 people today!!!

Pay It Forward Foundation, a private foundation, was founded based on the premise of helping others. Research has shown that during a lifetime, the average person benefits from over 250,000 acts of kindness, some are memorable experiences like the teacher that stayed after school to help understand an assignment or the coach that stayed after practice to help with extra drills, while some are less memorable like the stranger that held the door open for you on a rainy day or the driver that allowed you to make a right turn when you were in the left lane. Regardless of the act of kindness, all these events helped to shape your life.

The Foundation maintains a sole purpose - help others just as others helped us, simply stated the idea of pay it forward. Coupled with understanding the strong correlation between overall academic achievement and quality of life, the Foundation pinpointed education as the ultimate investment in our greatest resource - our children.