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According to a Pew Research Center 2014 survey
Adults with a college degree earn $17,500 more per year than their peers.

Pay It Forward Foundation provides up to four years of funds for undergraduate post-secondary education for students entering college immediately following high school (unless deferred or interrupted by military service). The scholarship, valued at $500 per semester, is intended to help fund the gap between Arkansas Academic (Lottery) Scholarship, Pell Grant if applicable, and tuition + mandatory fees at the highest priced 4-year public university in Arkansas.

Students may attend post-secondary institution, public, private, in Arkansas, or outside of Arkansas as long as that school is accredited by the major 6 governing bodies.

Funds from the Foundation Scholarship are paid directly to the educational institution no later than the 10th day of school each semester. Upon accepting the Foundation Scholarship, each recipient will sign a release waiver allowing the Foundation to receive an invoice from the educational institution as each semester begins.

Foundation Scholarship is intended exclusively for those students pursuing a 2-year associate degree or a 4-year bachelor’s degree. Funds are not allowed to be used in pursuit of a technical degree, graduate degree, or doctorate degree.